Years of technical accumulation, achievements in industry reputation
TÜV Rheinland certified


EXTRA-T Chain Hoist

D8 Plus

EXTRA-T Chain Hoist


EXTRA-T Chain Hoist


IAC Control System

TUV BGV-D8/D8+/C1 Certified
The first electric hoist in China to receive Rheinland certification

Optional detachable or internally integrated load cells Wide range of applications to meet various needs

4-point cam limit switch Dual protection of limit and extreme, ensure safety

Safety feedback Motor thermal protection switch and brake feedback switch, meet SIL3 safety requirements

Maximum operating speed of 28m/min
Suitable for complex stage performances, achieve scene diversification

IP66 protection level, suitable for outdoor environments Effectively protect equipment from dust, particles, and water, improving equipment durability and reliability

FOX System
Fixed-speed digital motor control system
Local control

The front panel includes an 8x3-position travel direction switch (UP-OFF-DOWN) for easy local control

Emergency stop

The emergency stop meets SIL3 standards and includes dual power supply contactors with a self-healing feature for enhanced safety

Control mechanism

"GO"hold-to-run controls with a "LOCAL"button enabled, allowing multiple units to be controlled by a single go button

Motor and direction control

Each pair of motors is equipped with 4 MCBs and 16 direction contactors with interlocking and mirror contact feedback

Protection features

RCD protection and motor current protection are available for added safety

Feedback display

Each channel is equipped with a 7" IPS screen for real-time feedback display

Weighing System

High safety factor

Provide 10x safety protection, with alarm and under/overload protection functions

Support for single-point and daisy-chain connections
Connections utilize combined power and communication cables, with a single master controller capable of managing 100 sensor nodes

Real-time data monitoring and recording Real-time monitoring of node loads and real-time recording of operational data

Multiple zone, multiple interface monitoring

Bar charts, histograms, tables, 2D layout diagrams

IAC Distributed Control System
TUV Rheinland certified, SIL3 safety level
The first SIL3-certified distributed control system in China

Adaptable to various control objects
Chain hoists, lifting platforms, trolleys, rotating platforms, etc

High stability, strong reliability Ring network redundancy and multi-control station redundancy, ensure stable operation of the system

Comprehensive safety protection

High-temperature warning, over-travel protection, limit protection, underload protection, overload protection, speed deviation protection, position deviation protection

Strong synchronization, meet complex performance requirements Support DMX trigger and LTC timecode trigger for complex scenarios

Established in Chengdu in 2010, xScene Motion is a leading player in motion control, specializing as a high-tech enterprise in Sichuan Province. Known for its expertise in mechanical control systems, the company has contributed to major domestic events such as the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Wuhan Military World Games. It has also expanded its reach internationally to regions including South Korea, Japan, Philippine, Thailand, Argentina, and Russia.
2022 Winter Olympics
2021 Word University Games Summer
7th Military World Games
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